Koh Samui Hotel and Holiday Guide

The wing mirror showed the monster bike gaining. I kept our small and humble Honda at a steady 40 kms per hour, and waited to be overtaken. A perfectly ordinary situation, but this time something made me anxious; something was sticking out the side of the other bike. A lump of wood?

A table leg? Something awkward at any rate. Mirror-shake meant I couldn’t see properly. And was the bike weaving? It seemed so. Probably the driver would overtake me quite safely. Probably.

What I’ve learned driving on Koh Samui roads is you can never be too careful. I had visions of the driver scraping whatever he was carrying along the sides of my bike. Or more precisely along Nikola’s legs and my own.It pays to be paranoid here. Thailand is one of the world’s top ten countries for road deaths and injuries per percentage of the population. In turn, Koh Samui’s the country’s highest risk area. With between 4 and 5 serious accidents per day, this small island with only a couple of hundred kilometers of road is the worst place to drive in the country.