Spectacular scenes in the Mexico’s Yatacan

Mexico’s Yucatan is one of the most popular destinations in North America. It is located near Riviera Maya, which is another tourist centre. This place is known for its buzzy nightmare, white-sand beaches, and modern chain hotels. Tourists from various parts of the world especially the United States have been making non-stop flights to this place to enjoy the spectacular scenes. If you are interested in discovering more distinctive and authentic experience, then you need to visit this place. The following are some of the interesting things to do in the Yucatan peninsula.

Visit the Mayan Ruin

Yutan has one of the largest ruins that you can tour. Mayan ruins are just a short distance from the famous colonial city Valladolid. It is a delightful place. Touring this ruin will give you an opportunity of seeing the tallest pyramid. Mayan capital is uncrowded, and it has many pyramids that you can visit. In your stay here, you can also climb the Magician’s temple. This is a125 foot temple located at Uxmal, a short distance from Merida.

Staying in Hacienda

This is one of the sprawling estates owned by landowners. Its mansions future giant ceiling beams, sold wooden doors, charming interior patios, and colonnades. Hacienda has one of the most wonderful scenes and luxurious hotels. Outside this city, you will find Hacienda Temazon which is a coral mansion. This mansion is made of rugged rocks, and it has a luxury collection of hotels and beautiful spas.

Taste and learn about chocolate

You can enjoy the fascinating chocolate museum that is located near the Uxmal’s ruins. In this pace, you will enjoy the drinking beverages used by the Aztecs and Mayans. These beverages have been very popular even in Spain and other parts of Europe. You will learn how this chocolate is transformed and sweetened into its final form and other facts about it. It will give you a good opportunity of watching a chocolate-making demo and testing the results.

Seeing the wildlife

You can visit the Celestun Bfrigate birdsiosphere Reserve to see the flamingos. This is a nature reserve that is located just outside Celestun. It is one of the most wonderlands with over 40, 000 flamingos and over 300 species of birds ranging from frigate birds and ibises to hummingbirds and herons.

Swimming in a cenote

Yutacan has over 6,000 cenotes. These are natural freshwater sinkholes. Some of them are in the sun, others in caves. Most of the ancient ceremonies in Mayans were conducted in these cenotes. Apart from swimming, you can also dive in some such as X’Canche that is located near Ek’Balan.