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Scandinavian Cities You Should Visit This Year

Scandinavia and Nordic countries are two different things. However, many people confuse these two, to be the same thing. Ideally, Scandinavian countries are a part of the Nordic countries. These countries are located on the northern side of Europe. Some of the Scandinavian countries include Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Most of this nations are known to be developed and very attractive. If you are planning for tours of Scandinavia, here are some cities you can never regret visiting.

Stockholm Sweden

This is one of the most modern cities not only in aWadsfAdDSEurope but also in the entire world. This city houses 14 small islands. It is an old town city, with lovely features such as castles, plethora parks, splendid architecture and much more. Life is this city is fascinating.


This is the capital city of Denmark. It is among the environmental friendly in the world. More to this it is a top recreational site, and thus it attracts tourists from all over the world. Some of the features that make this city elegant are presence architecture, charming canals, museums, trendy cafes, green parks, and diverse neighborhoods in terms of culture.


Bergen is a famous city in Norway. It happens to be the second largest city in this country. This city experiences heavy downpours, and it is the rainiest city in the world. Being a rainy city, it has green plantations throughout the year, which adds to its beauty even in hot summers.


This is also another city in Norway worth visiting. A charming thing about this town is that it has many outdoor activities. It is known for, skiing, skating, winter sports, island trips, hiking among others. Besides, it is a cosmopolitan city. This town has well-built infrastructure borrowed from German architecture.


This city is found on the east of Jutland Peninsula. It is the main port in Denmark. Some of the fascinating features of this town are beaches, lakes, historic buildings, woodlands.


swDAQsasdcThis town has an amazing landscape that distinguishes it from other cities in the world. In addition to this, it has well-designed buildings, amazing parks, natural reserves, and botanical gardens. Furthermore, it is a travel destination that you will enjoy having your outdoor activities. This is attributed to the fact that the city has many pavement cafes, twisting canals. Open- air museums and boat trip facilities just to mention a few.


This was Sweden’s former capital city. It has many eye-catching sites that you will certainly enjoy. The city has thousands of pretty gardens, beautiful old houses, and amazing brick houses among other wonderful things.…