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Top survival weapons

In the world today, we are faced with constant danger, and it is, therefore, necessary to take preemptive measures to inhibit yourself from harm. You need weapons for protection as well as self-defense. You may not feel the need to own any type of weapon at present, but it is intelligible to keep yourself ready in case of need arises. It is not debatable that you must protect yourself from home invasions as well as violent crime. The state may offer public safety, but that is not adequate because it is your responsibility to ensure personal safety in your private sphere.

Crime reports are unceasing, and in this regard, statistics show that women are more likely to suffer tragic crimes than men. Intelligent women across the globe have taken note of this state of affairs and have thereby taken it upon themselves to procure weapons that crucial for personal safety. In fact, further statistics have shown that in the past decade the number of licensed firearm holders has grown overwhelmingly and a significant number of these lot are women.

In this regard, there are various types of weapons that are primary in self-protection, and they are enlisted as follows;

Survival knives

Arguably, a survival knife is the most essential and common survival weapon. The fact that you do not need to satisfy any government regulations or acquire permits makes it convenient to own a survival knife. There are different types of survival knives, and in this case, you have a variety to choose a great survival knife on the basis of size and the blade. For example, hikers are fond of portable knives with a fixed blade. When selecting a blade, it is important to consider the design, handle, sheath, length and the knife tang.


This is a weapon that can be used for a variety of duties including cutting small trees for firewood and sharpening tools.


You ought to own a survival rifle that can be used for self-defense or hunting. However, you must decide whether you need a high powered rifle or a light weight gun. Your needs and purposes solely determine such a decision. For example, if you need a survival weapon for self-defense then it is intelligible to acquire a light weight rifle.


Machetes are also common in most households and are thereby used in undertaking everyday activities. It can be utilized for defense against raiders, making paths and clearing bushes.…